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I am Sherrita Niles, a creative affectionately known as "Plum Virtu." I curate sensory presentations that encourage the audience to view creativity as a form of holistic healing. My work is a manifestation of visual illusions reflecting my affection for human connection and revealing the importance of self love, self care and sexuality as a part of the human experience..

My mission is to inspire freedom of expression & encourage acceptance of differences with a focus on self awareness, authentic connection, love and sexual wellness.

That's an interesting name...

Plum Virtu is the name I originally gave my creative alter ego. She was everything I hoped to be but didn't have the balls to step into.

Plum is 2 fold: the color I adore and the adjective meaning highly desirable; the premium reward

Virtu (virtue): Excellence and power

I am a highly desired premium source of power & excellence!

More than just an artist, Plum identifies as a creative. You can recognize her creativity in every part of her life. Her creativity spans from canvases, upcycling clothing & furniture, curating events, and even her hair color. Aside from visual creativity she dabbles in writing and podcasting as well. Second to creating, she is a travel enthusiast! Seeking out adventure in culture and creativity everywhere she goes.

Fun Facts

I began to call myslef an artist in 2022

Prior to that time, I felt like I was just a person who had a little talent. It took courage to say I am an artist.

Uncommon is my Jam!

I love to use unconventional and found materials to create art.

art materials make me happy

Going to arts &crafts, hobby shops and thrift stores are my favorite pass time!

Plum Virtu produces, sells art, and curates creative events. under the name "Plum Virtu Productions".

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Plum Virtu Productions' challenges the status quo with unconventional approaches, while experimenting with various media and artistic methods.

We demonstrate the necessity for creativity in every aspect of our lives.

Some of Our Past Productions

Fostering fun, interactive, therapeutic art sessions, that are judgement free, supportive, and encourage freedom to release emotions. While introducing you to a non-clinical journey to self-directed healing.

Take part in one of our therapeutic art sessions or host your own!

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Check out my Creations...

The human body: the greatest creation ever known.

It deserves recognition!

Enter this space with an open mind. This is a celebration of your humaness! You will observe images that are simply an acknowledgement of who we are and at times our deepest desires.

Our bodies and sex are important aspects of our human experience and overall wellness. Absorb, admire, and get comfortable. These themes are not offensive when presented in appropriate spaces.

If you feel reluctant, enter anyway...


The following images may be of a sexual nature. Avoid discretion and enjoy the experience.

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